Welcome to the new SDGRS site!


This site is for you!

We are working hard to make this site fun, and also useful. We have started a "Tips" page (look under FAQs on the top menu). Feel free to email me with any suggestions how we can make this site easier, more fun, etc.  Regards, Greg   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Our new president, elected per the bylaws is Dick Ericksen.

All the other Officers / Board positions are on the "MEMBER INFO" menu above.

Please join the board in thanking the outgoing board members, and an especial thanks to Dick and Julie Dale for the years of hard work and many projects they took on single-handedly.



NEW!: The SDGRS bylaws are on the web site, click under MEMBER INFO.

NEW! A page as we plan our display for the 2018 Del Mar fair! Bigger, better and even lower in calories! (just kidding) See the menu at the top of the page! This is kept updated by the 2018 Committee! (thanks Andy!)

Updated: click on the RESOURCES menu above, and then MEMBERS LAYOUTS. A lot of pictures have been added, there are about 26 layouts shown. We are currently working with Rick Blank to add many more layouts and pictures. If you want your layout there, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll get you "on the air". If your layout is there, but needs more/updated pictures, email us. In fact if you have ANY suggestions, email Greg. This is here for your enjoyment and we are not done yet, by a long shot.

As always, please check the Calendar to see the next meetings, open houses and events! Note that you can click on an event and get a map and driving directions and contact information.

Please note the login form below: We are implementing optional logins for Members, which will give members more access and information to them. At this time logins are not needed. We are working to send the logins out as soon as possible.