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Welcome to the new SDGRS site!

Annual meeting & picnic:

Click on the menu at top right for information or HERE to read about the event.

Please RSVP whether you are attending or not, so we can make sure the food and other things to make this fun are all available to everyone. The RSVP page is HERE.

Elections at picnic in October!

The nominations are complete, and we have the nominee list, but there is no restriction in the current bylaws about adding more nominees, and anyone can be nominated (or nominate themselves) to run for one of the 4 Board of Directors positions opening up. We welcome all members to consider this.

Click HERE to see the current candidates. Board members usually meet 1 hour before the regular meetings, and it's your opportunity to help make this a better club!


For members only (you need your login), all the newsletters back to 2006 are now online under "RESOURCES". Don't have a login? Read the bottom of this page and we'll get yours going!

Members: this site is for you!

We are working hard to make this site fun, and also useful. We have started a "Tips" page (look under FAQs on the top menu). Feel free to email me with any suggestions how we can make this site easier, more fun, etc.  Regards, Greg   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

New events are added to the calendar all the time, so check there! Most events are also provided with a map, and you can get directions, and more information by clicking on an event.

If you know of a train-related event that should be on the calendar, email me, Greg, or any board member.

For Sale:

Be sure to check out the "for sale" link under "RESOURCES" in the main menu. We are making this service available to club members for non-commercial purposes.

Help Wanted:

A new section. Need some help? Email us and we'll put it up here! Don't be afraid to ask! Can help? Here's how you can share your knowledge, hands, etc.

As always, please check the Calendar to see the next meetings, open houses and events! Note that you can click on an event and get a map and driving directions and contact information.

Note: there's a lot of information on the site, the SDGRS bylaws are posted, member's layouts, etc. Just "explore" a bit!

Updated: click on the RESOURCES menu above, and then MEMBERS LAYOUTS. A lot of pictures have been added, there are about 26 layouts shown. We are currently working with Rick Blank to add many more layouts and pictures. If you want your layout there, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll get you "on the air". If your layout is there, but needs more/updated pictures, email us. In fact if you have ANY suggestions, email Greg. This is here for your enjoyment and we are not done yet, by a long shot.

Please note the login form below: All Members are entitled to a login, which will give members more access & information on this site, including the member roster. I'm working on them, but feel free to email me directly to get yours now. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.