Pictures from the Big Boy run, late Summer, 2019

Picture below from Rich Perrelli:

big boy


 All the following pictures courtesy of James Kuhns:

Stopped at Kelso (near the Kelso Dunes) for servicing.  Blocking the only road south in the area.

 DSC 0213

Running at 40 MPH southwest of Afton Canyon heading for Yermo.

DSC 0232


Smiling in the sun in the UP yard at Yermo.  "Big Boy" on the smoke box is in chalk and has to be replaced when the loco gets wet or whatever.  That name was place on the very first of these locos by a worker and that is how the Big Boy got its name.

 DSC 0241


Yes, that is bicycle chain and controls forward/reverse.

 DSC 0248


Barstow, it only the container trains were not there.  In my mind they were not to be there.

 DSC 0257


Mormon Rocks.  The people just had to get next to the train which could have done 100's of other places.

DSC 0288


 A place almost no one knew about.

 DSC 0304