Dick & Julie Dale's Waukesha Central


Dick and Julie Dale's railroad started at about 1986 with a flat back yard.

It is now a forty foot by sixty foot layout at a height of a six-course high (about two feet) cottage stone wall containing 125 tons of DG.

It represents the town of Waukesha, Wisconsin, the town in which Dick grew up. It's eighteen miles due west of Milwaukee nestled in the rolling hills of Wisconsin.

There is approximately 471.2 feet of Llagas Creek Code 250, nickel silver rail with all turnouts assembled from Llagas Creek kits. The backshop facade on the garage leads into a storage yard under a magic rehearsal stage inside. Six hatches in the stage allow for access to the rolling stock and locomotives (and one really cool illusion). While there are some completed buildings, there are others yet to come such as Gygax's farm, Fox Head 400 brewery, Waukesha Motors, Grede Foundry and White Rock Bottling plant.

Downtown Waukesha has the Dale Chevrolet (the family business) buildings, the Pix theater and is waiting for the magic shop, Kapernik's barber shop, Estberg Jewelers, Parker's Drugstore and the depot. Buildings already in place also include Chick Hamm's bar on Lake Pewaukee and Dick's childhood home on Wabash Ave. Also awaiting completion is the weathering of most of the locos and rolling stock.


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Below is the Frame Park bridge over the Fox River

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Below is Chick Hamm's bar on Lake Pewaukee

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Below is an exact model of Dick's boyhood home.

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Below is a closeup of the entryway of Dick's boyhood home.

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