Bob & Sandra Baxter's page

This page is under construction.

We intend to document the famous Door Hollow railroad.


2021: The fate of the Door Hollow

Due to lack of shows, and the increasing difficulty to haul and assemble the layout, the Door Hollow has been disassembled.

BUT! Some of the components live on in Bob & Sandra's "barn"


Per Bob:

The Door Hollow Shortline is not all-together gone. The buildings and attractions from the days we were with Del Oro and DHS are alive and well in the back room of our barn. For two years I've been working to create a two loop layout. Working at a pace where pauses for a nap were a part of each day worked well. Waking up each day with a project to tackle got me going.

The picture below is the east end. What I could salvage from Don's mountain and my miner shacks is across that wall. Boxes, power connections and assorted junk are stored below the deck. They are hidden by Masonite panels held at the top by magnets and adjusted to the undulating floor. It's been a real challenge but they all come out and stand aside to get at a batch of LGB power blocks that provided the lights and the action in the mobile version.



Below is the west end. Everything operates like it did on the road. There's a button to push to set off the mine so Dave's voice is still with us. The little ore car train has never been so reliable. The big ore train that used to go in and out of the yellow mine runs from the yellow mine and it's end is just before the lift bridge which doesn't show in this shot. Its been great fun for the past years. Lots of problems that need solving. DG is glued to the deck and I'm about to add chicken grit ballast.