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This is a page to test new ideas and features, it will change frequently and may not always work.



Welcome to the SDGRS website!

 (Members, be sure to log in to see all the menus and resources and pictures)

Did not receive your newsletter?

Unfortunately many email services are NOW blocking files near the 10 megabyte threshold. We have been contacted by members and testing has shown this has happened to COX and iCloud email addresses, and there is likely more. Usually what happens is large attachments are put into a SPAM folder IF you use webmail.

We're working to limit ths size of future newsletters, but the block is at YOUR email provider, which we have no control over. The best alternative is to log on the the website, and download the current newsletter (RESOURCES menu at the top of every page). This is unlimited in size and will ALWAYS work since you get the newsletter directly from us. Contact any board member if you have issues with your login or password.

Wonder how others do it? Over 600 club newsletters for you to read!

We cooperate with EIGHT other clubs and have 677 of their newsletters for you to read at your leisure. Be sure you are logged in and go to the Member Resources to browse clubs and newsletters.

Get involved! There are several committees you can join, no elections needed.

See all of our committees HERE join up and have more fun!

Note: changes are underway on the site.

I'm changing to a more updated system, with easier menu operations. There may be interruptions in function. Colors and highlighting will be changing.

Let us know !!!!

At a recent meeting, several people commented that there were issues with logging in, and/or getting newsletters. Let any board member know if you are having issues.

Check the SDGRS calendar:

This is updated before anything else, we work hard to keep it updated. 90% of the questions emailed in are about event times and dates. Click CALENDAR at the top of any page.

No newsletter? Did your membership lapse? Like to Join?

If you no longer receive the newsletter, then your SDGRS membership has lapsed. We'd like you back! Click here for the membership/renewal form and renewal instructions. We give a "grace" period, so while dues are due by the end of January, we will send the newsletter to last year's members up to and including the March issue.

September-October 2023 Garden Railroad eNews newsletter available:

Here is a direct link to the newsletter CLICK HERE

The official site is: https://grnews.org/

SDGRS is also hosting the Garden Railroad eNews newsletters (as we host 7 other garden railroad newsletters)  as a member convenience, they can be found under "resources" or CLICK HERE Note: only members who are logged into this site can access the other 7 club newsletter archives. If you are a member, and need a login, read down.

Members' layouts and personal pages:

All members are invited to submit pictures of their layouts, and we offer limited space for personal "pages" (like a mini web site). 

Check out the newly posted DIY guide to installing battery power by Steve siedensticker: CLICK HERE 

The general index to member pages is here: MEMBER PAGE INDEX

For sale items:

Please follow the RESOURCES -- FOR SALE menus, or click here

Navigating this web site:

Notice the menu items on the top, the calendar, resources and member info. There's a lot of information there. Also you can use the search menu at the top right to find things you are interested in.

Note: there's a lot of information on the site, the SDGRS bylaws are posted, member's layouts, etc. Just "explore" a bit!

Login to this site to unlock more "goodies":

Please note the login "boxes" at the bottom of the page. Please contact the webmasterif you are having issues. When you login you will have access to all our back newsletters, the current newsletters and newsletters from several other clubs. You can also access the member list for contact information.

Need help? Have a question?

For members only (you need your login), see questions and requests for help from your fellow members. New? This is a great way to ask for help by posting a request where all the membership can see. Look in the RESOURCES menu, or CLICK HERE.

Also, please check out our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/sdgrs. Again you need to be a member in good standing to join the group.


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