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2018 Election Committee

This committee will handle the Board of Directors election in October.


Presently Greg Elmassian has volunteered to head this committee, Mike von Radesky and Mike Reilley are on the committee also..


This is not a lot of work, just attention to detail to make sure we have a fair and well run election.



At the Picnic, we will have names on the ballots, so we can check off names so no accidental double voting, but once we check that name off, we tear off the part of the ballot with the name, thus preserving anonomyous voting.

Likewise mail in votes will be checked against a master list of who voted.


From the bylaws:

Board Member serve a 2 year term.

If a board position is vacated, the person taking that position completes that "seat's" term..

We have 9 Board Members, on even years 4 board seats come up for election, on odd years it is 5 seats.

In 2017 we elected Gene Cook, Andy Kann, James Kuhns, Mike von Radesky, and Greg Elmassian

So in 2018 the 4 positions up for re-election are held by:

Rick Blank

Rich Perrelli

Dick Ericksen

Sue Murray