SDGRS Committees


At SDGRS, we try to be organized without being bureaucratic.


The society bylaws state:

The Board may appoint committees for any duration of time and for any purposethat they deem necessary or advisable.
The President of the Board shall be an ex-officio member of all committees.
Being a group of volunteers, we always have to remember that people are helping because they want to, not have to, so we strive to make this as flexible as possible. If you think we need to have a committee to achieve something good for the Society, by all means bring it up to any Board member, or attend the next Board meeting, which are usually just before the main meeting.
There are certain committees that are mandated by the bylaws:
  • A nominating committee, each year, to help bring candidates for the October Board of Directors election. This committee shall have a minimum of 3 members. This committee is "elected" by the board of directors, but all members are welcome to apply. See the bylaws for more details
  • An election committed, each year, to prepare ballots and conduct the election. This committee shall have a minimum of 3 members and they are appointed by the board, but again all members are welcome to apply. At the moment Greg Elmassian is heading this committee. By convention, the Board prefers that this committee NOT have members that are up for re-election.


In addition, the current thinking is to have these committees on a regular basis:

  • The Del Mar Fair display committee, a big task that needs to start planning in October for the next June.
  • The Annual Meeting committee, since our annual meeting normally has the largest turnout and is usually associated with a picnic and the election.



The SDGRS welcomes ALL ideas to improve the club and have more fun! There's a lot to do, and if you have an idea, present it!

Check out the subpages for the specific committees.