2021 Del Mar Fair Plans

First of all, looks like some of our members made the news: https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/communities/north-county/del-mar/story/2021-06-05/its-not-exactly-the-fair-but-homegrownfun-aims-to-draw-crowds-to-del-mar-this-summer




Here's the initial break down. The overall assigned area is broken down in two parts for theming purposes. One has a Fairy theme with some appropriate landscape and buildings, and the other is a southwestern, old west style.

There are 4 large "bugs" in the drawings and as I understand these are large artistic display items the fair owns and wants displayed next to our layouts. I've suggested putting a train car in the claw of the praying mantis and one on the back of the slug, but I think I'm being dutifully ignored.


2021 layout 5 18 21 r 1  10SCALE1024 1







P1030442   Copy






This layout proved rather straight forward to build since I had the 4 6 inch pieces required (LGB #10150), and the space to assemble and test run in. We use all LGB track with the original rail joiners, since the track will be secured to the tables, and to minimize any mismatch. It consists of 24 #1100 curves; 4 #10150 short straights, and 2 #1000, 6 #10600 and 2 #10610 straights

The blue lines visible represent the theoretical limits of the tables being built on at the Fair. If anything changes then .... After laying the track and making sure all the joints were snug, a 2-4-0 Santa Fe starter set engine was run using a simple 1 amp starter set type power pack fed at a single point (multiple to be used at Fair) pulling 3 old west style passenger cars (the LGB 32050 baggage car, the 36063 Cimmaron and 36064 Dodge City). However, other rolling stock can be employed, and some backup engines or cars would be useful.



Oh, you may wonder what happened to the long tunnel used at previous fairs, well it is alive and kicking, flipped over and used as a planter:

IMG 20210528 091526049


So be sure to go to the fair: All the "cool cats" will be there!